how to access another computer documents from my computer which are in same network ?

i am working in an office that there is about 12 computer which are connected together by cables and we have two printers that are shared between all of us , but i want to have access to my boss computer for taking some information and files that are in Excel format .

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    8 years ago
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    Instructions for accessing a computer with existing (hidden) administrator shares.

    For windows XP

    Required: Password of administrator account of the computer you want to access.

    1. Confirm they are in the same workgroup/domain.

    2. Write down the computer name of the computer you want to access.

    3. On the remote computer, go to start en click run.

    4. Type in \\computername\C$ (computername is the computername of the computer you want to acces.) This will give you acces to to C drive on that computer.

    5. Acces confirmation is asked. Type in as username: administrator and the password of that account. it doesn't work if the administrator has no password. Also when this doesn't work use as username: computername\administrator where the computername is the computername of the computer you want to acces.

    Now you have acces to that computer! Also the same works with other drives. Just change C$ to D$ or anything else.

    Additional tips

    If you cant get acces, turn of windows firewall on the computer you want to acces.

    If it still doesn't work also turn of other firewalls on that computer.

    For windows 7

    1. make shure the computer recognises the network as a Work environment.

    2. make shure printer and file sharing is enabled in advanced sharing options.

    3. make shure network detection is enabled in advanced sharing options.

    4. Use now the same instructions that i gave for windows XP.

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    You need to share the folder and file, so that it could be accessed from other computers. Check out following file sharing articles, might give you more ideas on how to do it:

    Password Protected File Sharing in Windows 7:

    Simple File Sharing in Windows 7:

    Hope this helps.

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    8 years ago

    If your computers are connected with the same workgroup name, you can access your boss' computer by connecting to it computer name or IP address. On the run, type the ip address or computer name, you will prompt for username and password, if you know his username and password for the computer, you can access it. Then search the file after you have enter on it.

  • 8 years ago

    First he has to make the folder shared then with remote desktop connection you can have access to his computer with the files that he shared.

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  • 8 years ago

    Your boss may not want you rummaging though his files

    Better that you ask him to e-mail you the files you need

    Of course, if you are wanting to do this without his permission, I'd get my C.V. polished up first

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