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急需>>賈伯斯對世界的影響(Steve Jobs)

可以幫我找找有關賈伯斯對世界的影響(Apple創辦人Steve Jobs)

我要英文的內容 報告要用的


現在急需 謝謝

內容不用太多 重點有講到就好



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    Steve Jobs' Impact on the world


    Revived Apple(復甦了蘋果公司)Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer in the late 1970′s. The company has had its ups and downs over the years and Jobs was ousted from his leadership position only to be hired back on in the 1990′s when Apple was bordering on irrelevancy. Starting with the iPod and iMac in the early 2000′s Jobs and his leadership team helped make Apple one of the most recognized and relevant brands in the world.Reinvented home computing

    (重新定義了個人電腦)The early Apple II computers were some of the first to be placed in the home as the “family computer”. While they weren’t the only ones, they were certainly among the first and also among the most widely deployed. The number of people who can tell you today that their first computer was an Apple IIc, or Apple IIgs is lengthy; myself included.Revolutionized portable music

    (造成了可攜式音樂市場的革命)While not the first company to produce MP3 players, or even hard-disk based MP3 players, Apple created a beautifully designed device in 2001 called iPod. Jobs took the position that existing media players were not particularly good, or usable. He assembled a team to create a new device as a part of Apple’s “digital hub” strategy. This was, at it’s core, a basic MP3 player with an internal hard disk which could store 5-10 GB of music, which at the time was all, or most, of most peoples’ digital music collections. iPod became the foundation of later forays into the personal electronics space which has become central to Apple’s position in the market.Reimagined telecommunications

    (重新定義通訊業)It has been called “the second coming of mobile telephony”, it is Apple’s iPhone. Jobs and members of his leadership team like Jonathan Ive released it’s first iPhone in 2007 and has revised it every year selling millions upon millions of devices every year. Apple has become a (the?) leader in mobile phone sales and development worldwide leading a device category that they helped create less than 5 years ago.

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    Apple legend Steve Jobs

    Apple created the soul of Steve ‧ Jobs (Steve Jobs), the concept of life's most important technology inspired, but it is from the old to start. In the biography of Steve Jobs' Apple and Pixar hot crazy "coming soon before the Articles Jobs special extract story of the first chapter of life for the reader to explore the formation of scientific and technological genius of the path.

    Steve on 1955/2/24 was born in San Francisco. Almost at birth by a pair of well-off American couple - Paul and Clara Jobs adopted a ‧. Paul ‧ Jobs has not received secondary education, he served during World War II was a soldier, and later became a pilot laser manufacturing plant. Clara ‧ Jobs is as an accountant.

    Although both parents have passed away, but Steve Jobs heart ‧ still retain their reverence. "My father always hard work, and a very skillful hands." He said later. In addition, Steve also forget to thank the mother "in preschool to teach him to read." In short, he believes he is really "very lucky."

    In fact, Jobs couple very simple, they just trying to get Steve interested in the world around us, which inspired his soul. Steve grew up energetic, and very precocious, and neighbors from his parents who obtained personal development. Education through the free and unfettered way, he very early exposure to the technology process.

    For example, Steve is also only five or six years old when his father had brought him to the house will go to the garage with the dismantling or

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    網路搜尋已經很方便了 還要別人幫你寫作業 shame on you! 為什麼不自己整理 然後請人幫你修正或提供意見? That way, you learn too.

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