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請幫我在下面的文章找出30個片語或單字並造句 謝謝

Taiwan Airport Service Co, a major ground service provider for domestic airports, stressed yesterday that passengers would not be affected by a strike that could be called by its union in Kaohsiung on Lunar New Year's Eve.A 330-member strong union of Taiwan Airport Service employees working at Kaohsiung International Airport voted on Thursday in favor of going on strike for an indeterminate period from Jan. 28 due to a dispute over salaries.The strike is timed to take place during one of the busiest periods for air traffic in Taiwan. According to statistics from the Civil Aeronautics Administration, on average, over 22,000 passengers board domestic or international flights from Kaohsiung International Airport each day during the Lunar New Year holidays.negotiating"We are still negotiating with the union and also making back-up plans should the dispute not be resolved," Wang Shih-chiang, manager of Taiwan Airport Service's Kaohsiung division, said in a phone interview yesterday.Taiwan Airport Service provides ground services -- luggage handling, ramp services and shuttle bus operation, amongst others -- to all domestic and international airlines operating in Taiwan apart from EVA Airways Corp and its subsidiary Uni Airways Corp which have their own ground service crews.Should the strike take place, Taiwan Airport Service will transfer some of its staff from Taipei, Tainan and Taichung airports to support its Kaohsiung operations, Wang said, adding that the company is also training its reserve employees to help reduce the impact of the potential strike.salary structureThe dispute was triggered by a change of salary structure. Taiwan Airport Service agreed in 1999 to offer 14 month salaries, including basic pay and a bonus of NT$6,000 per month, to its employees in Kaohsiung. But the company elected to convert the extra two months of pay into year-end bonuses in 2000, and awarded the bonuses on a selective basis.

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    9 years ago
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    Let's make a composition from 1 to 15 and sentence from 16 to 30 as follows

    1 a major ….. for 主要…..為 2 stress that 強調,3 be affected by 受 影響

    4 be called by 聲明 5 in… on 在 [先地方,後 時間 ] 6 working at 服務於7 in favor of 贊成 8 going on …. for 將 [接近謀時間 ] 9 due to 由於10 .board…from 由... 塔乘 11 is timed to 選擇...的時機12 According to , 依據 13 on average, 平均 14 voted on 於...投票15 be still negotiating with 就 ... 持續協商A major activity for 2012 New Year’s Eve Party is coming, it stress that happy and lucky. Being affected by the government’s staffs working at such place in City Hall on . the evening of New Year’s Eve., . they said that will be so busy , important and proud as well.It is called by the host want what all people in favor of getting MRT for participation.Due to the fact, it’s crowded, MRT is timed to going on area for the party that. a number of alternative routes are to board Mrt from anywhere. According to prediction, it will be each time on average about 10 minutes. to access the party. It will be voted on Jan 14 concerning President about the heavy traffic, . according to the policy,. we are still negotiating with authority concerning.. 16 back-up 支持 No matter the voters in blue or in green they are certainly to do . the back-up Taiwan .17 the dispute not be resolved, 勞資雙方尚未解決爭議Speaking of Unpaid-Holiday, . both of the Department of Labor and owners have now the dispute not. be resolved.

    接意見欄內 18 --- 30

    2011-12-30 16:52:43 補充:

    18 amongst others – 尤其

    I am sick and poor money with Unpaid-holiday amongst others

    19 to all 所有 ...在

    A lot of people will be crowded to all here for 2012 Year’s celebration

    20 apart from 除了.... 之外 [ 暫具不談 ]

    I can’t think of anything I need, apart from enjoy a movie.


    2011-12-30 16:56:23 補充:

    21 take place, 發生, 舉辦

    Would you like to tell me, when the party in 2012 could be took place

    22 transfer ….. from 轉移... .....從

    Can you tell me how far and spending time to transfer Shiling

    . from Taipei by bus?


    2011-12-30 16:58:06 補充:

    23 adding that 此外

    Adding that I will be took part in the party in City Hall and be going

    . to see 101 building. on that day.

    24 the impact of 影響, 衝擊

    The speechs of the two candidates made a great impact of the audience.

    2011-12-30 16:59:59 補充:

    25 be triggered by 由激起.. 之事

    The Unpaid-holiday in some companies was triggered by

    . the depression of economy

    26 a change of . 改變

    I would have a change of idea that could made me something

    . on my own a rich man.

    2011-12-30 17:01:29 補充:

    27 agreed in .. to 同意.. 當

    Both of us agreed in this subject to his proposal.

    28 elected to 選擇

    Miss A, she was elected to Prisendnt’s candicadat.

    2011-12-30 17:02:25 補充:

    29 the extra into 額外... 在

    Do you have the extra money in you pocket to donate ?

    30 awarded … on 在 ... 獎賞

    She is awared large money on his mother birth day.

    2011-12-30 19:02:10 補充:

    stresses that being happy and lucky.

    it is called by the host, he wants what ...

    Source(s): S.H. Chen 系統工程師的居酒屋
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  • 9 years ago

    文章中每一個字都是 “單字”

    每一個句子都可以作為句子中單字 的 “造句” XD

    Here you go. You got your answers!!

    可是, 自己的功課還是自己做 比較好。

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