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Twelve people in British Columbiaexperienced a disastrous balloon ride when it accidentally caught fire. Theballoon was still tied to the ground when the fire started. Three people jumpedout immediately and safely. But the ropes securing the balloon burnt throughand the basket started rising.Seven more people jumped out as quickly asthey could, but each one jumped from a higher height. The last two jumped fromalmost 50 feet up. Their clothes were on fire. They survived, but both would bein the hospital for several months, according to officials. The others escapedwith broken bones and first- and second-degree burns, but nothing"critical." Officials said that another balloon fire, causing nodeaths and only minor injuries, had occurred only a week earlier.The two balloon riders who failed to jumpout were a married couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. Their oldest sonhad surprised them with this "champagne flight" as a gift. The coupleburnt to death in the basket, which ascended to about 500 feet. Then the entireballoon burst into flames and plummeted to the ground, landing in a trailerpark. The basket was still burning furiously. It looked like an orange torch asit descended, brilliant against the blue sky. Four trailers were destroyed bythe bomb-like effect of the basket's heavy landing. When the dust finallycleared, the married couple were found, completely charred, embracing each other.

還有幾個單字在裡面的意思Disastrous Securing Ropes Survived champagneflight plummeted flames furiously brilliant bomb-like destroyed embracing


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    英國 Columbiaexperienced一個災難性的氣球乘坐12人時,不慎起火。 Theballoon仍然是與地面發生火災時開始。三人jumpedout立即和安全。但繩索,確保氣球燒毀 throughand籃下開始上升。


    兩個氣球未能jumpout的車手誰是一對夫婦慶祝他們的50週年。他們最古老的sonhad驚訝這個“香檳飛行”作為禮物送給他們。在籃下 coupleburnt死刑,登上約500英尺。然後爆炸起火的entireballoon驟降至地面,降落在一個 trailerpark。籃子仍然瘋狂地燃燒。它看起來像一個橙色的火炬ASIT下降,對藍天的輝煌。四拖車被摧毀 bythe類似炸彈籃下的重物落地的效果。當灰塵 finallycleared,已婚夫婦被發現,完全燒焦,擁抱對方


    Disastrous 災難性的 Securing 安全 Ropes 繩索 Survived 死裡逃生champagne flight 香檳飛行 plummeted暴跌 flames 火焰 furiously 拼命 brilliant 輝煌 bomb-like 類似炸彈

    destroyed 銷毀 embracing 擁抱

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