How did William A. Paulsen, infant baby in movie Another Thin Man, die in 1973?

William Paulsen had only one film appearance, as Nick and Nora Charles infant baby Nicky, in the 1939 film Another Thin Man. He died in 1973 in Alameda, California. Does anyone know anything about this person and the cause of his death?


Zeus, is sad that this person was forgotten.

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Zeus, is sad that this person was forgotten.

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    Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any info on cause of death. However, a subsite of has a CA death record available to order. (Site is below, you would have to search again.) Curiously, even though the name, date, and place of death are identical to info on IMDB and other sites, they list 9/27/1903 and New York as birthdate and place. (IMDB has 11/28/1938 and Los Angeles, which look correct.) This error may contribute to the obituaries and info not being available too easily. If you care enough about it, you could try ordering the report to see if gives a cause of death. Hope this helps.

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