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Is Walmart killing the babies. Do we need a stronger FDA?

LEBANON, Mo. (AP) — Wal-Mart has pulled a batch of powdered infant formula from more than 3,000 of its stores nationwide after a newborn Missouri boy who was given the formula became gravely ill with a suspected bacterial infection and died after being taken off life support, the retailer said Wednesday.

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    Well, let's face it, the FDA can't cover for every instance, though in this one, they've done a good job pushing clean-up. Prevention of these kinds of situations is extremely difficult, and made all the harder by a lack of people working for the FDA. They can't do as many regular check-ins, they can't ensure that companies are following SOPs and GMP protocols. The FDA doesn't need to be stronger, it just needs better funding.

    Butterscotch - If anything, I'd say that's evidence of just how powerful the industry lobby is, not evidence of the FDA's goals. Their main goal is safety. Unfortunately, the people they're mainly keeping safe aren't the ones lobbying with billions of dollars in Congress, forcing changes in the FDA and handicapping its actions. I'd say they're much more effective than you seem to believe, but they're made less effective than they'd like to be. That's not their fault.

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    No. If you want access to healthier foods. You probably need less FDA.

    Source(s): "...If you're a conventional foods manufacturer in the USA, you can quite literally dump huge quantities of cancer-causing chemicals directly into the food and the FDA won't blink an eye. A little more cancer, after all, boosts the profits of the drug companies and the entire cancer industry, and that has been the FDA's mission all along: To promote the financial interests of the drug companies which prey on sickness and disease..." - :-)
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    Sounds like something for the discount aisle.

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  • Roddy
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    How is Walmart killing babies? They don't manufacturer it. They sell it and so do several other stores.

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