what are good ways to attract quality pnm for a multicultural sorority?

We are not PHC or NPHC but we are a social sorority; we are probably more closely related to PHC however in our chapter practices.

What are some good ways to promote our sorority and ideas to recruit more girls?

We are pretty new to campus and would like to get more members since we will be losing a good amount of girls due to graduating sisters .

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    8 years ago
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    Use some fliers and make them eye-catching.

    Make a cute video with a popular song with words about your sorority or something (KKG has a few good vids on youtube)

    Try and recruit other Greeks to send people who fit your image and ideals to your interest meeting.

    Show how great your sisterhood is to others, those who are meant to be in it will be interested if they know about it. Just get your name out there!

    Good luck (this is from my sister and her beau, they were Greeks not i)

    Source(s): sister and her fratdaddy alum
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