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What is a blue rinse?

I want a new hairstyle so I mentioned to some people I might take the plunge and get a short curly perm with bangs. When I told them they told me to get a blue rinse as well with my perm. What is a blue rinse? I heard it's for old ladies but can I get one? I have dirty blonde hair. What would it do to it? What happens during the process of it? Like do I do it before or after my perm? I kind of want to get it done now just to try it. It might be kind of fun being the old lady of my friends.

P.S. what do perms smell like. I hear they smell really bad and how long do they smell? Thanks SO much!!!!

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    well from what ik a blue rinse is a temporary hair color that is blue and rinses out after your next wash. It only coats the top layer of the hair strand, doesnt penetrate at all so it wont damage your hair. You would get it colored after you have gotten your perm. A perm to me only stinks when it is getting washed out and yes it does STINK. It wont stay in your hair though, so after the service when you are getting styled it will be gone

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