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I Need Fashion Advice!?!?!?

So Im slowly learning what looks good on me. But I just cant coordinate colors especially with shoes....I get tired of wearing black shoes all the time. I <3333 convers I have like only 3 pair. Im going to Forever 21 on Sat. and I plan to replinish my wardrobe and my Mom sucks at dressing's like were cursed. So is their like any app to help me coordinate clothes and Jewelry.

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    Ik what you mean... black shoes get boring... what i like to do is match the shoes in my outfit to the smallest color in my outfit.( like if the shirt i am weraing has the least amount of yellow.. maybe yellow shoes) It makes the color pop!

    Also...if you are wearing colors like navy blue, yellow,orange,red,pink.....tan shoes go good


    Well the easist thing to do is see if silver and gold match better

    And honestly... if you REALLY like it. it will all work out great. :)

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    Forever 21 is perfect. Just try on some clothes, and shoes, do they suit you? Sometimes doing in person is 100 x better than an app! Xx


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    I love the app called Color Me True. It creates a custom digital color palette formulated especially for you. It has you take a picture of your hair and eye. It then matches the best shades of color for you. It selects colors that intensify your eye color, skin tone, and hair color and creates a palette of colors that harmonizes best with you. You can take this digital palette shopping and match potential purchases (jewelry, jackets, shoes and so on). Best of all because all the colors harmonize together you can combine any of your shades in the palette together making shopping and coordinating easy. It has saved so many people headache in the shopping experience to know what colors they should wear and combine together.

    Here is a link to the app

    Here is a link to their facebook page.

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    not that i know of, but people that work at shops like forever 21 are usually very helpful with choosing out clothes. :)

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