Why is Israel in Palestine?

I think i'm wrong but this is how i understand it...

Palestine claims that Israel is occupying it illegally.... But Palestine IS Israel isn't it? Is this not just the muslims wanting even more of a division between themselves and jews?


Is this just another prime example of what religion does to the world??? Pftt, when will people get a brain and learn to think!?

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    What do you mean, "WHY is Israel in Palestine"? Israel is in Palestine for the same reason why the USA is in America or Serbia is in Balkans . Palestine is not a country, it never was a country - and never will be. It´s a geographical area, and as any geographical area, it has not any fixed political borders. Historically, Palestine ("Philistine" ) was a small strip of land at the coast occupied by the "sea people"- pirates who came from the mainland Greece. They invaded the coastal part of the Land of Canaan just a bit later after Hebrews invaded the mainland part of it. Hebrews conquered and occupied the inland, and the Philistines conquered and occupied the coast. The name "Philistines" was first mentioned in the Torah, and its meaning is "Invaders", because Hebrews did not know where these guys came from and for them, as the Philistines came later, they were "invaders". What is amusing is that nobody knows how these guys called themselves in their own language; we call them "Philistines" because the Ancient Hebrews called them so. If the Ancient Hebrews called them "scum" - we should call them " Scums" today, and by G-d, it would be closer to truth.

    Then, for centuries, Hebrews and "Philistines" had been warring for the total control over the land, until Hebrews finally broke the back to these "philistines". After that, philistines disappeared from history and all the land from Jordan ro the Mediterranian Sea was officially called Eretz Israel, The Land of Israel. Hebrews created there two kingdoms: The Northern Kingdom and the Kingdom of Judea, which existed more than 400 years.

    But when Romans finally quelled the Jewish rebel of Bar Kohba, they , to himiliate the Jews, renamed their land and gave to it the name of the mortal enemies of the Jews: "Philistine". They tried to rename Jerusalem in Aelia Capitolina, but in this they failed: the name "Jerusalem" was too well known to be the capital of Jews. This Roman Philistine( "Palestine" in Roman pronunciation) never had some established borders, it was just a Roman administrative unit and Romans changed its borders as they wished. So, under Romans, the name "Palestine" was applied to :Judea, Israel, southern part of Syria( it was called Syrian Palestine), southern part of Phoenicia ( it´s today the southern part of Lebanon). Of course, the people who lived in all these "palestines" never called themselves" palestinians": Jews and Israelis went on calling themselves Jews and Israelis, Assyrians continued calling themselves Assyrians and Phoenicians also went on being what they always were. But technically, they all lived on the territory whose administrative name was "Palestine" and which was ruled by Romans.

    The Romans left- but the name stuck.

    Today´s arabs have nothing in common with ancient Philistines, just because Philistines were not even a semitic people. Actually they were not a people at all, as today "palestinians" are not a people either.

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    In1917 Arthur Balfour wrote to Baron Rothschild this letter:

    His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.[1]

    There you will see that Palestine was mentioned twice as that was the territory was called 94 years ago . Jews were generously given 56% of that land with little or no consultation with the population living there and when you read the last sentence you will see that this is yet another agreement Israel has broken. By saying that there is no such place called Palestine is just a feeble excuse for Israelis trying to justify their illegal occupation and yes under international law it is illegal

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    Geographically, Israel is within the land of Palestine. But when the Palestinian Arabs talk about being occupied, they are referring to the Israeli military presence in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

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    Israel , Palestine - is just names

    untill 65 years (when the jewish hadn't state , The arabs and Europeans tell to jewish ppl go to your Palestine country )

    the point is which nation will be in this area (Muslims arabs or Secular Jews)

    most of Jews who lives in Israel ready to give up pary of their land for arabs.

    the problem that arabs want ALL the land for themself :-( and don't want any other nation on this area

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    Yes and No

    1) Yes in the sense that Israel has military control

    2) No in the sense that Israel has never annexed the region, and is bound by both the Olso Accords and the U.N. to return the land at some point in time. I don't know if a deadline was given.

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    The name of the land is called the Land of Canaan. It was not called Palestine in the bible nor Israel at first but it was called Canaan. The African Tribe the Canaanites used to inhabit the land before the Hebrews drove them out.

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    The land was called Palestine even before Judaism was invented.

    If you read the Bible, you will discover that When Abraham, the father of the Jews ( Jews were originally nomads who moved from Mesopotamia 3700 years ago to Palestine and then to Egypt and then to Sinai and then back to Palestine till the Assyrians and the Babylonian captured and slaved them ( same as the Old Egyptians did) and then came the Romans who expelled them from Palestine to other lands in the Middle east and North Africa)

    Read the Old testament, it is telling you how they had to get the permission of the Palestinian king to enter the country:

    Genesis 20:1-18

    Abraham has to present his wife Sara as his sister when he comes to Abimelech the Palestinian king of Gerar

    Genesis 21:22-31

    tells of a pact concluded between Abraham and Abimelech. the king of the Philistines

    Genesis 26:1

    "Now there was a famine in the land--besides the earlier famine of Abraham's time--and Isaac went to Abimelech king of the Philistines "

    Jews had been always a minority in Palestine: They were less than 5000 in the 16th century A.D.


    Jewish immigrants to Palestine announced their own state "Israel" by 1948 following a UN resolution (Resolution 181 of 1947) which divided the country between the Jews and the Palestinians

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    Palestine was simply a territory. To occupy a country, they must be a sovereign state, which Palestine has never been. The Jews have had claims to Jerusalem and that region long before any ever had. People forget their history on purpose and claim that the Palestinians have been there since time began. If you read reports about the 1948, you will find out that Jews were up rooted from their homes in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

    @ Nabil

    Your disgusting.. cheering on hezzbollah against your own people.

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    Yes you are wrong.....israel is Palestine.

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    It is the other way around Israel is the historical state not Palestine. Palestine was a name created by the Romans for de-emphasize the Jewishness of Israel

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