The beginning of the end for the Premier League?

Man City only have 2 strikers and are missing a fullback

Chelsea only have 2 centre-backs, 2 centre-mids

United are missing 2 fullbacks and a centre-mid

Tottenham have suddenly lost a goalkeeper and a defensive midfielder

Liverpool lack a goalkeeper, defensive mid, fullback winger and striker

Newcastle can't find 2 star players: Jonas and Coloccini

etc etc

What do they have in common? The South Americans don't want to join the Premier League anymore, for some weird unexplainable reason.

Some Spaniards are unwilling to join what once was the best league in the world. 2 goalkeepers who cannot be beaten on their day have up-and-left.

Goodbye to the possibility of fine talents such as Cavani, Higuain...

"I said a couple of times, and I repeat, Cavani hopefully will not ever play at an English club."

Now, quite obviously, I'm exaggerating the scenario, but you get the point. My name says it all.

‎"The Crown Prosecution Service say that the maximum punishment for John Terry if he's found guilty of this offence is a fine of £2500." - I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but 2500<40,000.


Haha Segal that's GOLD! All Spaniards and South Americans are racist. Do you see the hypocrisy???

Update 2:

One of "them"? who is "them"?

Update 3:

@ssta - Err... the gap has closed because the mighty have fallen, not because the weak have risen.

I was exaggerating when i said beginning of the end, but the foreign talent is vital for the success of any league. The best 5 players in the league are mostly foreign (Silva, RVP, Sturridge, Nani, Kun)

Update 4:

that's why i said 'most'

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    Are you serious? The beginning of the end of the Premiership? Hell no.

    The Premiership is no longer dominated by the so-called "top four". Nowadays, it is getting much harder to predict what is gonna happen in each match. It's never been so wide open. I mean 3 years ago, only Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool were pushing for the top 4. Today, look at all the teams who are competing for it. Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Tottenham, Man City, Newcastle and even Stoke are starting to push. So instead of the plain top four, it is now unpredictable.

    South Americans and Spaniards not coming here any more? So what. This is England. If foreign players don't want to come and play here, fine. It's up to them. If they decide not to come, then we have to start playing the English players more often. Then we will come up with better English players. Then we win the Euros, and the World Cup, and get recognised as the best footballing country in the world.

    If a team isn't performing as well as they did in the previous years, it can be for two reasons, they are getting worse, or competition is getting stronger. But there is no way to tell which one, so you can't just say the mighty are falling. It could be that the weaker teams aren't as weak as they were. Look at the talent Man City and Tottenham have, thats why they are competing with the top now. Look at Stoke and Newcastle. Stoke won their group in the Europa League didn't they? Newcastle are playing really well, challenging for top four even.

    Sturridge is English actually. And that is the problem. We use too many foreign players, which is why the English youngsters never get to blossom. I mean look at Josh McEachran. The boy is amazing, but he's not getting a game because of Ramires and Meireles. Look at the Spanish League, the majority of players are Spanish. In the Italian League the majority of players are Italian. Same with most foreign leagues. And there are barely any English players used in any other leagues.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well thats just Injuries, injuries happen.

    Your right there are a few good Spaniards and the only good South American is Aguero, however there is a reason why they don't come, its because of England, it is one of the most dullest countries on Earth many players say this if you Listen to the Carlos Tevez Interview you will see this, it is dull, who would leave sunny Spain to come to England.

    I believe it will get better, more transfers of exotic talents need to be made, e.g. Man Utd should definitely sign a play maker such as Gaitan or Kaka, this will bring liveliness into the EPL.

    Source(s): Football Fan, Upset with how Clubs deal with Transfers.
  • Lol i'm completely fine with that if it means ticket prices will drop and some of the twattish tourists that you see at grounds go away.

  • 8 years ago

    Festive greetings to everyone.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    u have liverpool sign on ur avatar , then you are one of them , aren't you?

    thank you

  • Brilliant ... no more RACIST Spanish or South American players...? no problem

    gives more British talent like Jones a chance to come through... may improve our national team

    I think foreign players should be limited anyway...


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    8 years ago

    great happy holidays!

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