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Enlish Book Report >.<

I am P.6,help me to write Book report .thx!!!1.Title_______________________2.Author______________________3.Illustrator(s)/Photographer(s)__________________________________4.Fiction or Non-fiction 5.No.of pages:_______________pages 6.New Words (need 3 answers) 7.My Reflection(write anyonef the following) Write things i learned 8.A summary of the book(around 200 words Words Count:____words) 9.My favourite character of thie story is__________________________________________________________ 10.I like this book because it is _________________________________________________________________11.Rewrite the ending(for fictions)Ending created by me

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    1.Title_Twelve Shots: Outstanding Short Stories About Guns

    2.Author__Harry Mazer_Chris Lynch, Walter Dean Myers, Richard Peck, and Rita Williams-Garcia

    3.Illustrator(s)/Photographer(s)_Perfection Learning Prebound_


    5.No.of pages:229_pages

    6.New Words (need 3 answers) 1 rifle 2 polemics 3 gunsmith

    7.My Reflection(write anyone of the following) Write things i learned

    I learned that guns are a totem of American culture,people cannot live without guns, but youngsters cannot control their evil desire to kill themsevles or others in adolescence. Therefore, this book is suitable for youths and adults

    8.A summary of the book(around 200 words Words Count:_190___words)

    A dozen stories by well-respected various authors (including Chris Lynch, Walter Dean Myers, Richard Peck, and Rita Williams-Garcia) about the impact of guns on teenagers' lives. Some stories are funny, others are dead serious and disturbing. Guns are an undeniable part of contemporary life in the USA. Stories about their use--and misuse--spice the nightly news, the papers, and our favorite TV shows. Guns shape the course of history. They make us wild with excitement or red with anger, sick to our stomachs or convinced that we are safe. Guns provoke extreme emotions in all of us.

    In this riveting collection of short fiction, twelve authors explore the emotion-driven world of guns. Dealing with everything from a city kid's desperation to a country boy's first glimpse of manhood, from a girl's struggle against helplessness to a teenage trio's horrifying battle of wills, these original stories are as varied and exceptional as the authors themselves. Sometimes shocking, occasionally funny, and often intensely sad, these stories are all thought-provoking and addictively readable. A superb anthology, passionate and hard-hitting, "Twelve Shots" helps us understand our world and solidify our own beliefs.

    9.My favourite character of this story is_Pete_

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    10.I like this book because it is a fiction that reflects the truth, history, and the stuggle between youths and guns

    11.Rewrite the ending(for fictions)Ending created by me

    Guns broke through the twelve stories about guns, no matter in history or in real life, God appeared and let them choose again

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    Um, actually, I think you should do it on your own first. After all, this is your homework. Maybe you should think about which book you're going to work on... I think you should read some books... Let me know the name/title, and I'll try to see if I can help you, as long as you're also doing some yourself. Good luck!:)

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