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For what reason must i appear clever?

philosophy, and in this society, I'd rather not. Why do some people seek that.

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    Some people need to mask their feelings of inferiority by appearing "clever". For others, it's a control ploy to use against others. Either way, the appearance of being "clever" is not a virtue. Some of the most notorious criminals were clever.

    Be yourself. Be the type of person you feel comfortable being. That's you. If you decide to pursue the appearance of being clever, you may end up forfeiting another asset: the trust of others.

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    You have to define 'clever'. It is better to appear intelligent and somewhat knowledgeable than completely ignorant. It is hard to be clever. It is a gift. So how can we appear clever if we do not have the gift of cleverness? But at least, we can appear intelligent. It helps other to relax. We all have fear for ignorance. Would you consult a doctor who does not know medicine? Would you entrust your baby to a baby sitter who does not know how to care for babies? We all feel confident around people who at least know what they are doing. And we all fret when we see someone who does not know what they are doing. When we board an airplane, we all hope the pilot knows what he is doing.

    However, it is not good to appear too intelligent if we are not so, because people will count on you for things you do not know about, and they will be disappointed.

    Therefore, the best is not to 'appear' but to 'be' oneself.

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    I don't think anyone can appear clever any more than Beautiful.

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    you dont have to.... but then you might be the dumbass in the group...

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