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What kinda of imperialism was practiced in Cambodia?

Like dependent colony, settlement colony ect.

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  • 9 years ago
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    In earliest times Cambodia was a vassal principality under Sri Vijaya Empire that has origins in South India's Chola kingdom. In 802 Jayavarman II declared himself king of the Khmer Empire.Later it came under Java based Madjapahita kingdom and then later was under the Champa (Cham) Kings based in present day Vietnam. The Khmer Empire lasted the next six centuries when all over the world the "local" Empires (not the overseas Empires, but for the Sri Vijaya Empire cited above) were the rage. It came under the Theravada (Sri Lankan monks introduced it in 13th century) branch of Buddhism that is being practiced now.

    The French took over, as their colony (as part of Indo-China, that includes present day Laos & Vietnam) in 19th century. But before that it was under the joint suzerainty of Thai & Vietnamese kingdoms.

    In WW II, The French regained their Empire in these parts from the Japanese occupation. In 1953 Cambodia got independence with the same Narodom Sihanouk as King when Vietnam resisted the French retaking the Indo-China under Ho chi minh. He wanted to be a popular democratically elected leader thus abdicating the throne to his old father in 1955. But when the old king died he was on the throne again in 1960. Cambodia's history was tied with events in Vietnam, though 'Prince' Sihanouk declared neutrality in Cold War of which Vietnam was the biggest theatre of war. The VietCong had their supply & communication routes through Cambodia to escape the carpet bombing of Vietnam by the American forces. So a weak Cambodia helped the Vietnam (VietCong) cause by default.

    But Americans failed to bomb Vietnam to stone age, failed to break the will of vietnamese nation who drove the Americans back and Cambodia came into limelight (it was an irony that the Prince wanted it) under the shadow of Vietnam. President Nixon who vowed to end Vietnam War bombed Cambodia as an expedient. Vietnam-China difference blossomed openly into a crimson border war. With 'Khmer Rouge' under Chinese tutelage, Vietnamese brand of Communism emerged as a 'moderate' in this new drama and with the Prince ensconced in Beijing as Chinese guest. Cambodia war proved to be much more brutal & inhuman in its brief spell. Most countries who had their hands in the mess were pushed to be siding with one (Khmer Rouge) or the other. China dominated & its protege, Pol Pot's genocide reduced the population by a third. Till UNTAC (UN transitional authority in Cambodia) took over Cambodia in October, 1991 it is a camouflaged civil war. In that war USA & China were on one side (with Pol Pot) & Vietnam on the other.

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