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My boyfriend wants me to give him oral sex but . . .?

Im afraid he may have a STD or something. Ok, im 14 & he is too, & I dont want to hear about the "too young for this" stuff cause atleast I cant get pregnant with oral. Anyways, me & my boyfriend known each other for about a year now & we don't have sex but so he wants to do oral then. I really want to too but its just I remember him saying something before we went out. He was like, "i'll let any girl suck my d***, (when he was single) & I didnt think anything about it at the time but "ugh" at the time cause we was just friends. I told him I dont want to because he might have something & he says "so you dont trust me?" & I just get stuck from there. What should I do?


B**** I aint stupid so stfu hoe. Whats the difference from a 20 yr old getting pleasure & a 14 yr old getting pleasure? Same for diseases, if you get AIDs it aint go be no better weather you 14 or 20. A disease is a disease, anybody can get one. Ignorant a*s hoe.

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    There is two differences between a 14 year old and a 20 year old. The first is, one is an ADULT and one is a CHILD. The other is maturity. you've just proven how immature you are by what you wrote in your edit.

    He's pressuring in you into it and it sounds like all he wants is anyone willing to suck him.

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    A fourteen year old is a minor. A twenty year old is an adult. A fourteen year old is expected to be living with her parents and in 8th grade/high school. A twenty year old is expected to be in college with a steady job, probably living with a roommate and having minimum assistance from her parents. A twenty year old probably wouldn't be asking the questions you, as a fourteen year old, are asking.

    Oral is sex, so don't say "we don't have sex" if you're going to do oral. Oral sex IS sex. It's not VAGINAL sex and it's not ANAL sex, but it IS sex. You are stupid if you want to have sex and using the word "weather" in place of "whether". Yes, anybody can get a disease, but at least a twenty year old can go to the doctor to get checked out without needing her parent/guardian to take her. That's the difference between a fourteen year old getting pleasure and a twenty year old getting pleasure. The only 100% sure way to not get an STD is abstinence. So if you're so worried he might have an STD and you don't want to be abstinent, tell him you won't blow him until he gets checked out. A twenty year old with a good head on her shoulders would require it. A respectable boyfriend that actually cares about your well-being wouldn't challenge you.

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    Uh you are WAY to young for that. It doesn't matter if you can get pregnant or not.

    You have no idea how hard having a sexual relationship is. And let me tell you, a guy that treats you like that is not guy I would be dating, let alone blow.

    No you don't trust him and if he'd let anybody blow him them, I don't see why he would turn anyone down now either. I wouldn't do a thing with him unless he gets STD tested and you are holding the results in your hands.

    If he really loved you he wouldn't ask you to do it so much and would respect you saying no.

    You are way too young to know that your boyfriend is a terrible one who wants you for sex and sex and thats about it. He is sexually harassing you.

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    You need to learn self respect. He has none. He is treating you like ..well, a cheap tart. Even at 14 I would know enough to be massively insulted.

    Sex is so not worth a life time of disease. You don;t even want what this jerk is offering. You can do much better.

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    you shouldnt do it. we all cant get what we want is what i would tell him and if he leaves because of that then you didnt need him anyways. stop trying to please him by doing something that might put you out of your comfort zone. yeah like you said a disease is a disease and some of those diseases you can get from oral sex do not leave easily or at all. so unless he go to the clinic and get checked out or he wont be getting anything including oral sex without a condom.

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    You can always get a new boyfriend (if he just treats you like a piece of meat), BUT you can not get rid of Herpes (seriously, no amount of soap will get rid of it, lol)........if it doesn't look clean, don't trust it.....and your only fourteen, no offense but most girls your age don't stay with the same guy long, unless you are "in love" (just saying)

    and don't listen to the haters out there, do what makes you happy. Cause honestly, the only opinion you should worry about is your own.

    Good Luck!

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    yeah no, u cant get preggo. But u can catch a std. If u must have oral make it clear u wont go further and be sure to wear a condom.

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    Who gives a **** if you get pregnant, anything intimate like that at 14 is acting like a god damn SLUT no one seems to get this .

    14 IS TOO ******* YOUNG to be doing any of this ****. I actually pity our generation cause our futures gonna be filled with such whores.

    You need to grow the **** up and stop focusing on having sex and focs on school or something ause this is ridiculous. And im 14 and i have to tell people this..

  • Agreed with Anna. Besides, he may go around telling people your easy...there's your reputation in the toilet.

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    Oral will lead to sex dont do it

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