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♂ What would your boys' names be?

BOY 1 - Age 11

First name: Pick your month of birth.

January: Michael

February: Benjamin

March: Matte

April: Alec

May: Oliver

June: Flynn

July: Lennon

August: Damon

September: Parker

October: Connor

November: Micah

December: Wesley

Middle name: Pick your day of birth.

1st-6th: Cade

7th-12th: Tobias

13th-18th: Rhys

19th-23rd: James

24th-28th: Chase

29th-31st: Emmett


BOY 2 - Age 9

First name: Pick your favorite 2000's nick show

Wild Thorn Berries: Donnie

TMNT: Casey

Rugrats: Edwin

Looney Toons: Sylvester

Cat Dog: Edward (Eddie)

Dennis the Menis: Jackson

Middle name: Pick your favorite current TV show.

House: Gregory

Pysch: Shawn

Law and Order SVU : Elliot


CSI: Russell

Degrassi : Riley

Prison Break: Bradley

Covert Affairs: August


BOY 3 - Age 7

First name: Pick your favorite school subject.

Math: Jesse

Band/Choir: Avery

Science: Sam

History: Arthur

English: Cruz

Foreign Language: Jonathan

Art: Patrick

P.E./Gym: Liam

Middle name: Pick your favorite sport.

Baseball: Ray

Soccer: Justin

Hockey: Xander

Basketball: Blake

Football: Ty

Cheerleading: Vincent

Marching Band: Everette

Gymnastics: Dante

Swimming: Rhys

Boxing/Wrestling: Lewis


BOY 4 - Age 5

First name: Pick your favorite color.

Red: Milo

Orange: Sawyer

Yellow: Aven

Green: Julius

Blue: Nathan

Purple: Danny

Pink: Joey

Black: Dean

White: Spencer

Gray: Samson

Middle name: Pick your favorite season.

Spring: Vincent

Summer: Levi

Autumn: Charles

Winter: Ian


What are your boys' names, and what do you think of them?

Star if you want more!


vanilla bear,: I didn't copy any of the names at all lol only house because tgar happens to be my fave show lol and yes I admit, I opied the format but nothing more, ps every other name game has this format, but anyways I hoped yu liked it :)

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    Nice to know that someone likes this enough to steal almost my whole format. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but oh well. Next time you should try to create your own version of this, not just use someone else's and switch the names around.

    My version:;_ylt=AnSa3...

    See the similarities? Oh wait...


    ♂ Parker Tobias "Toby"

    ♂ Jackson Gregory "Jack"

    ♂ Avery Everett "Everett"

    ♂ Nathan Ian "Nate"



    I know you didn't copy the names, but you copied everything else. My name game is the first version I have seen like this in the baby names section in a long time, so not every game has the same format and little trivia and fun questions. Oh well though. What's done is done. Please just try to come up with our own next time. =)

  • 9 years ago

    Boy 1 - Age 11 - Wesley Rhys

    Boy 2 - Age 9 - Casey Kai

    Boy 3 - Age 7 - Patrick Dante

    Boy 4 - Age 5 - Dean Levi


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Matte Cade, Sylvester Shawn, Liam Justin, Aven Levi

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Alec Cade

    Jackson Bradley

    Liam Ty

    Joey Levi

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  • 9 years ago

    Lennon Tobias

    Sylvester Shawn

    Jonathan Ty

    Sawyer Levi

    I like Jonathan Ty and Sawyer Levi!!

  • Bells
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    9 years ago

    Lennon Emmett

    Edward Gregory

    Cruz Dante

    Nathan Ian

    i love Edward Gregory!


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Matte Emmett

    Edwin Elliot

    Jesse Dante

    Milo Vincent

    I like the individual names: Emmett, Edwin, Elliot, Milo, and Vincent. The only full combination I like is Milo Vincent.

  • 9 years ago

    1. Alec Cade

    2. Sylvester Russell

    3. Patrick Rhys

    4. Danny Levi

    My sons are Alec, Sly, Pat and Danny.

    The only name I really like is Alec. Sylvester is kind of a guilty pleasure name. The rest are average.

  • 9 years ago

    Wesley Emmett

    Edwin Kai

    Arthur Justin

    Nathan Ian

    "Wesley, Edwin, Arthur & Nate"

    I love Arthur and Nathan, Edwin and Ian are alright too. The rest I don't like at all though.

  • 9 years ago

    Micah James

    Edwin Russel

    Cruz Xander

    Nathan Charles

    Well, Micah James and Nathan Charles are pretty good! I don't really like Cruz Xander and Edwin Russel though!

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