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California Attorney General Business Complaint?

So, I filed a complaint against PayPal with the CA attorney general and I live in AZ. I got a letter saying my complaint was received. I filed a complaint because PayPal limited my account with $600 in it because "they needed more info on items I sold" such as supplier info and invoices from things I bought off eBay itself.....) and I'm in debt $130 with eBay in seller fees. I filed a BBB complaint and after 2 weeks of no response, I went with the attorney general. What can I expect will happen next?

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    You won't see any of that money any time soon, until you supply them with what they are asking for.

    Something you did / sold triggered their system for them to ask you for that information. Most likely you listed / sold a "high risk" brand name item, which is common when they are asking for supplier information and invoices. If you bought the items on eBay, it shouldn't be a problem if the items were legit. All you have to do is supply them w/the eBay purchase receipts / transaction details information, date of purchase, and the seller you bought them from & you should be fine. Unless they're hitting you up for additional information. The additional information would prob. be like faxing in your ID, SSN, address invoice verification, etc. They will run a credit report to see if you check out. Should something not match with the information you provided them, then they suspend / limit the account for 6 months. After the 6 months, you can get your money.

    Attorney general, bbb complains won't help get your money any sooner because when you signed up w/paypal, you agreed to all the terms and conditions. So they can legally hold your money for a period of time if they think your doing something shady.

    For the eBay fee's, you can call Paypal and tell them you'd like to pay the eBay fee's w/your paypal funds and usually they apply the whole/partial amount towards the fee's.

    Best thing to do is just keep making money on other accounts, let the time pass, never log in to the account until those 6 months have passed. Then get your money.

    Make sure to check out - www.screw-paypal.com/ & other sties where sellers get stiffed by eBay, Paypal, & Half.com

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