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Help with finding an entry in the National Encyclopedia of Biography?

In my research into my Epperson/Apperson family, I have come across a lot of conflicting evidence. I have seen this stated a few times:

Volume twenty four

of the "National Encyclopedia of Biography" states that John Apperson,

born in Wales, settled in Virginia in 1648.

I have however, not been able to locate this "National Encyclopedia of Genealogy." I would greatly appreciate any information on the encyclopedia, or if it is something only in paper format, if someone has it I would love a confirmation via look-up. (If so give me Page # and paragraph # if you could)

Thank you to anyone that spends time helping me



That's actually part of why I'm asking, I've never seen it, honestly other than this and an entry on the Gaye family I have never seen much reference to it.

Update 2:

Here's a few people referencing it:

This forum post gives many of the various stories about the origins of this family, and references the book again.

Update 3:

Also, in regards to the first link, the sentence before that claim is "The records of New Kent County parish lists one William Apperson, "...a poor lad, who comes to us with a sore leg.""

I have been able to independently confirm this, and myself descend from this William. Not relevant, but stating for the record a lot of the references are backed up. Note I personally don't believe the De La Valette link, I have run down documents listed in that story (Elizabeth Beards marriage is a prime example) and disproved much of that theory.

Update 4:


I am considering it. Thank you very much for looking. Merry Christmas to you too.

Update 5:


I couldn't find it via that link but thank you regardless.


I just sent you a message, getting ready to explore then links/ideas you've given me. Thank you very much again, you're helpful as always.

Update 6:


In the 1704 rolls I found 2 possible matches.

Apercon Wm. James City County 1704

Eperson John Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Now the big thing that I found though was this:

Epes Littlebury Charles City County, 1704

Epes Littlebury Prince George County, 1704

My family has had a few Littleberry's, one of which was Williams (The ancestor born in 1708 you referenced) son, Littleberry Apperson/Epperson. I know it's nothing conclusive, but I had never put much credit to the Epes/Epperson connection, but maybe I should re-look that. I will continue running down the other links but thank you so much for this, You absolutely deserve best answer.

Update 7:


I agree about books not being good sources, bob epperson in particular gets all his info from a book by edna epperson, that has many proven errors. I do not believe the French connection. My reason for wanting to find this was to see what they used as sources. Thank you.


Really? That would actually make a lot of sense. If it is indeed like you said, it's a useless source, basically 4crests in book form. Thank you for this bit of information to look into.

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    NorCal, have been watching for you to repost, since your email here is not open. My email is PLEASE send me a note.

    Here's why..I am somewhat familiar with two sources relating to the 1600s in Va. One being Cavaliers and Pioneers, which summarized land grants. It was searchable online through (I want to say) the Librar of Va, but I couldn't get into that earlier today. It MIGHT BE on, which I dont have, but I know Joyce does have, if she would be kind enough to see if it is there.

    Next, please google the 1704 Quit Rent rolls of Va, which is ONLINE in full (saw it today). This is just a few years before your 1708 birth (I forget which one).

    I don't see Juanaquena here yet, but she is a professional librarian and VERY skilled on that end. She might know of indexes of books when they are not online.

    One thing I love about this area of yahoo, is the regulars here are a team. The holidays are keeping us all busy, so establish a link so we can reach you in "off hours".

    I had folks in New Kent, so am aware of it, but if I recall, their records are sparse. You are doing good if you have that item.


    anywhere near Lassen county? I lived there years back.


    could this be the book involved??


    one more

    on a roll

    the birth years of the children of John, William and Thomas, validate that all of them were born prior to 1700.

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    Where do you find the entries mentioning the National Encyclopedia of Genealogy? If you have seen it, post the links.

    If you saw it online, post that here so someone can look, too. Maybe there is a clue.

    Have you thought about getting a professional genealogist? This is way out of my league, but it is fascinating. Most of us feel lucky to get back to 1850, when the records start to get better.

    Good luck on your search and Merry Christmas.

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    Just looking at all the uncited info online or cited but unable to find or it is a book which is not a record cite, the link I have given you prior is which has a wealth of images on it, although very difficult to find what you are looking for worth spending time looking and the other suggestion if you do think this ancestry is Welsh is get registered on the UK Rootschat forum, which is daily will not wait years for a reply like rootsweb or those forums,you are more likely to be answered and additional information questions asked of you within minutes and there is specific board for Wales............... what I have seen online 'they' all say Glamorgan, but that is just copy and paste as there is no real record cites....

    You will find that British Family historians are generally not accepting of books as a way of citing FH so unless that book has an index which cites back to a real record which is then checked it will ONLY be used as a clue and nothing more

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    It looks to me to be a publishing company not a " published book". There is a story on a Doris Kenyon actress in early silent and talkies it references that her father James Kenyon became the head of the publishing company "National Encyclopedia of Biography". I bet they published privately researched family trees, paid for by the researcher, in hard cover book form. Those citing that source cited the publishing company only not the authors or book names. It is a dubious source for sure.

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