Who would be the patron saint for the Knights Templar?

Yea what I just said

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    Michael Knight of Simon Templar, So I guess that would be the 'Saint Kitt'


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    Baphomet is not a made up term, It was brought up around the downfall of the Templars and with people not knowing what it is they went for the worst possible thing, devil worship.

    The Baphomet existed before the fall, it was just never known about as it was something they chose to keep secret just like many other things. Most of their secrecy has been lost to the winds because lower Knights in the order weren't to know about it. It was lower knights that joined with the Masons and help formed Freemasonry, which I might add is were you are so, don't go calling yourself a Templar Knight when you are not.

    There is a Grand Master of the Knight Templar. Did you know that most of the Grand Masters were 'visitors' before Masters. Yes they supressed the Templars and killed the Last Grand Master, but none of the 'visitors' were captured. I don't know where you have done your research but you might want to start changing your contact of information.

    Wikipedia is full of flaws, not just in this matter but many and people who want to know the cold hard truth should research it from it's source... luckily I speak and can read French as well as Old English, Italian, Latin, Hebrew, Gaelic. Being a Journalist helps, and also having a degree in Symbolism. I'm currently learning German and Spanish.

    It was also known that if a Grand Master was not formally chosen the "visitor" would just slot into place as one. Lord Edward Clay's Family is on Record that they were a Visitor Family from 1270 and have held it within the Family since.

    It is well documented that there were Visitors to France, but they had more than one per Grand Master for each area the Templar's held which mean seven per Master. When the last Master was burned, the seven Visitors took his place as a whole and went into hiding.

    It's fair to say Masons hate this view because it go against everything they are taught, but the information is there and available if you know where to look and can speak in a different language or at least read it.


    People are allowed to write the truth as they know it.

    They should be allowed to do so without an insulate attempted know it all like yourself to interfere

    Go back and study your stuff, half the answers of yours I and many scholars i'm in contact with read and agree you are wrong.

    Oh and you do this to everyone else so I'm just returning the favor.

    Also, the term 'chick' is wrong, if you are to refer to me do so by My Lady or Lady Rathangan

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    While there is no formally documented patron saint of the Order as a whole, there were a plethora of saints that individuals within the Order revered. It was generally accepted that so long as all Templar's worshiped god they were free to pray to whichever saints they personally felt close too.

    The Baphomet teaches us that several particular saints are however of note. namely, the Apostles, Mary (The Mother of Jesus.) As well as Mary Magdalene.

    Given recent archaeological evidence there is a plausible argument that Tammi of Nazareth would have been revered as a saint by the Order, though she was never formally canonized.

    I will also note to Meat:


    And It is actually officially recorded that Templar Knights did indeed get shuffled down to a Confrere Knight on order to marry if they so wished it. But my guess would be you don't know where to go to get these records.

    Source(s): I'm the current Grand Master of the Order of Knights Templar.
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    The Knights Templar don't have a patron saint.


    - Bernard of Clairvaux is NOT the 'Patron Saint' of the Knights Templar. He was the PATRON of the Knights Templar; their ADVOCATE. And when he was their patron, he wasn't a saint. He didn't achieve sainthood until 21 years after his death.

    - Baphomet was an invented term, it has nothing to do with the Knights Templar. Duh.

    - There is no "Grand Master of the Order of Knights Templar" answering this question; any actual Knight would know what the actual title is. Duh.

    - There is no chick 'scholar' answering this question.

    Source(s): I'm a Knights Templar.
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    There are no Knights Templar and there is no St Mary Magdalene.

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    Tammi Of Nazareth

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    9 years ago

    Bernard of Clairvaux

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    Aren't they the ones who slaughtered thousands of innocent men, women and child back in Medieval Europe?

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    Robert de Sable

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