Why have no creationists actually answered this question?


Are you avoiding it for a reason?

Answer it here, if you can.


By "question" I mean can you find a counter argument to any/all of my points.

So are you guys really telling me that you cannot answer a question because it is long?

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    9 years ago
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    You want to know why? Honestly? I read your "question". Your question is a confusing mish mash of different things. The Tower of Babel is not about evolution. Most creationists have trouble with words of more than two syllables, and with multiple questions smothered into long paragraphs. No one has time to read rants, which is what yours appears to be. Next time ask ONE question in ONE sentence and see how you go.

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    I never saw the question until now. But it's really hard to answer a question that loaded and that full of generalizations. Despite what so many atheists try to claim, Creationists don't all have the same beliefs. The only thing that truly keeps us together is that we believe in a creator.

    I suggest you split your question up into multiple questions. We've been hit with these same questions for years and after taking a bunch of our time to answer them, the BA usually goes to the "original" atheist who states "God doesn't exist". Our answers are usually ignored.

    edit: You're not listening. It's not because your question is long. You've asked a bunch of complex questions which, no doubt, will just have answers that you will ignore. You're already ignoring our answers and assuming that we can't counter-argue your points. If you want counter-arguments, then ask a question. One question at a time. If you can't get this then I don't see any reason to ever answer any of your questions seeing as you can't listen.

    I almost always disagree with "Made from Embryonic..." but she even agrees, albeit with mild insults. She's an atheist and even she agrees that your question had way too much stuff thrown together.

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    Ok look, the Bible is BOTH symbolic AND literal. The problem lies in determining what is supposed to be taken literally and what isn't. Evolution is possible for animals, but NOT for humans. We did not come from apes. If you do not have the Holy Spirit, then you can't fully understand the Bible because it is a spiritual experience. That's like telling a baby to go read Shakespeare. Sure, the baby is human, and humans can understand Shakespeare, but it's mind isn't fully developed and cannot understand what it means. Same with the Bible, you can't take the Bible and give it to someone who has never heard of God. You can't take the Bible literally on everything. You can't take the Bible symbolically on everything either. Only God's spirit of discernment will reveal to you truth and meaning.

    Source(s): Holy Bible
  • Very hard to find a question in that, only your personal opinion.

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