Tell me about yourself?

I have an interview coming up and I'm puzzled on this question. How many details should I add and what about.

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  • Sean L
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    9 years ago
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    It's entirely up to you. This question is more or less a test to get to know what's important in your life. You still want to be courteous about your answer, but this question opens it up to talk a little bit about your personal life too. I usually mention briefly where I grew up, where I now live, how long I've been married for, any kids, and then make sure to talk a little bit about my interests and how they relate to the job.

    Your answer should be in line with what the company values. In companies I like to work for, the above works just fine. In more competitive companies, you may have to be less personal-focused and even more professional with your answer.

    Really, don't sweat it. Just be yourself, be honest, and be confident in your abilities. They wouldn't have picked you for an interview if they weren't interested!

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