Xbox 360 wont turn on?

I have and xbox 360 pro and it wont turn on. Ive tried everything. My warranty is gone so i wont send it in. Ive read online about the usb method, but my 360 is missing the black rectangle inside the usb port. Anyone know what else i could do?

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  • 9 years ago
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    check the back of your Xbox is that plug all the way in. Even if it is pull it out wait a few minutes and put it back in. If nothing else works my guess you left it on to long and it fried. Maybe you can get a new one for the holidays :)

    don't waster your money on to get a new USB port or whatever it is

    just take deep breaths and get a new one

    i am sorry for your loss

    email me at

    for more tips and stufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • milton
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    4 years ago

    the flexibility brick can nevertheless have a orange gentle with out being plugged into the xbox 360. danger is you need to purely unplug each and everything and not only the flexibility brick. So unplug the brick from the wall and the xbox. And unplug the xbox from the connecting cables and plug them in again and it would paintings.

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