Family problems what do i do please help?

So. Me and my sister ocasionally get along she's 17 and I'm 20 we both live with my parents and I have twin boys I pay rent and buy groceries for the whole family. Soo when I was her age I was a bad daughter I smoked drank got in trouble and did some thinqs well a lot of things I'm not proud of thankgod wen I had my kids I stoped I try to be a good mom got my ged and I'm starting college in the summer so the problem is that my sister ilove her and I talk to her bcause I don't want her to make the same mistakes I did but evrytime we get in an argument she brings it up and starts calling me a hoeand well we get in to it I've been bad but I've never disrespectected her by calling her names and she idk she tells me daht she wants me to die and dat she would push me downthe stairs so iwould my daughter would be born dead idk what to do because she makes me feel guilty. So what do I do to tell her that the past is in the past and I'm not like that anymore and she hurts me everytime she talks about. My past just to hurt me

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    im just wondering, if youre 20 and you pay rent and buy food for everyone,then you should get youre own apartment and take your twins

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