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What would social services do in this situation?

My Mum's an alcoholic and has been for several years. I'm 13.

My Nan got her help a few years back and she went into alcohol rehab for a month, then came out.

And things stayed the same...

My Nan and I were talking about her drink problem today and we agreed that I've had enough and can't cope with her on my own; she needs proper professional help this time...

Last time, social services gave my Nan custody over me till my Mum was better, then I was Mum's responsibility again.

Would they do the same this time? Or would I be taken into care?

I'm so upset and confused. :'(

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    Social services will look to place you with your Nan, as long as she wants you and is suitable.

    They won't remove you from your Nan unless she is incapable or incompetent, and it doesn't sound like that's a problem.

    Good luck to you and your mum.

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