guys opinion - skyrim for my boyfriend for Christmas?

I made him a michigan tie blanket but I want to get him something else too...I was thinking Skyrim for PS3...I've heard lots of guys talk about it and since he's into video games I figured he'd like it, what do u guys think? and how much is it lol Thanks! :D

PS: your all probly gonna say, be prepared for him to be obsessed with it, and I already know this haha, I like videogames to so I'll play it with him xD

Also, I'm 15 and he's 16

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  • C
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    9 years ago
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    Go for it, nothing cooler than a girl who plays video-games, except maybe girlfriend who plays video-games.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think Skyrim is a really good idea for your boyfriend. I was actually thinking of getting that game for my bf too, but decided to get a different game that we could both play. A lot of guys my age (15) and even older are talking about it on a daily basis. I think he would love that game, and love you even more for getting it for him.

    It costs 60 (new) and 55 (used) since it was just released. I heard how good it was and you will be happy to see Him happy with it.

    Hope I helped. Merry Christmas and good luck~

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  • gia
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    4 years ago

    basically provide him Skyrim if it incredibly is for the workstation. The console variations are stripped of the perfect beneficial properties (meaning the command console and the skill to characteristic mods). As for the quantity of presents. basically provide him the two issues. As u mentioned, it isn't the money fee, it incredibly is the assumption. bypass with that.

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