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who to start at WR this week?

Who do I start this week pick 3 between Wallace, Julio J, Marshall, Harvin, Santana, Stevie Johnson, and Robinson. I have Marshall, jones, and santana now.

Also Vick or Romo for qb this week

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    Wallace, Julio Jones and Brandon Marshall. Wallace has too big an upside to sit, and it's pretty hard to bench guys in the championship that got you there, and Wallace is getting more targets than Santana Moss. Jabar Gaffney has been targeted more often than Moss by Rex Grossman the past few games.

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    Marshall, Julio, Wallace (if Big Ben plays)


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    Nooo , whatever you do do not put Romo, he makes a lot of mistakes against the eagles, chosse vick, he hates the cowboys, he will play great. Chosse wallace, steelers have an easy rival, so he'll do good...

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    u have 2 start wallace , he is bound 2 breakout against st.louis defense... i would go with vick

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