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Sometimes I'd like to go to sleep and never wake up?

I have been suffering from depression for the last 15 years. I find no enjoyment in life and have no passion for anything and because of that, I have spent quite a long time in comm. college with nothing to show for it. I dont have relationships, and I seem to feel like I am losing my connection with family and becoming increasingly isolated. I feel like I am completely unable to deal with the demands of adult life, and a total falilure in every aspect of life. I probably have low EQ as well. I feel like I just want to check out because I dont see things ever changing

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    Everyday of my life I feel like just never wanting to wake up. Have you seen your doctor to get on an anti-depressant ? You just have to keep pushing through. I know it may be rough but there is a reason out there to have hope. I have to teach my self that to so your not alone. Be strong<3

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