Compare and contrast rocks and minerals?

I have to write a two to three paragraph paper comparing rocks and minerals, explain how the Mohs scale is used to identify the hardness of a mineral, and I have to include how the numbering system works. I'm sooo confused so anything will help c:

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  • 9 years ago
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    Rocks & minerals differ from each other. Rocks are collections of minerals that have gathered together under natural conditions. Some rocks such as limestone, quartzite, dunite are mono-mineralic (contain only one mineral).

    The Moh's scale of hardness is used to test the hardness of particular minerals. It is a series of (generally) commonly found minerals starting with talc (1), which is the softest & then the following minerals are progressively harder - gypsum or rock salt (2), calcite (3), fluorspar (4), apatite (5), orthoclase (6), quartz (7), topaz (8), corundum (9) & finally diamond (10).

    A mineral of hardness 4 will scratch a mineral of hardness 1, 2 or 3 but will be scratched by minerals with a hardness of 5 & above. This is very useful since calcite & quartz can LOOK almost identical but can be distinguished as a result of a fluorspar specimen scratching calcite but BEING scratched by quartz.

    Source(s): Professional Geologist
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