What is the difference in the beliefs of Catholics, Presbytarians, and Protestants?

I know Catholics and one of the others are Christian, but what is the difference between them? And what is the other one?

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    Catholic and Presbyterians are examples of specific Christian denominations. "Protestants" is a group of Christian denominations and so is more general. Presbyterians are "Mainline" Protestants as are Lutherans, Anglicans, Methodists and others. Baptists (who reject infant baptism) are usually considered Protestants as are other pentecostal/charismatic'evangelical denominations.

    One difference of Presbyterians is predestination. Catholics and most Protestants denominations believe that everyone has the possibility of salvation - that Christ died to redeem everyone. But Presbyterians believe more in Calvin's doctrine of predestination and so believe Christ died to redeem those who are predestined to be saved (the elect).

    One difference between Catholics and Protestants (including Presbyterians) is the belief in "sola scriptura". Most Protestant denominations believe the Bible is the only source of truth for Christians. Catholics (and Orthodox) believe in the equality of Written Scripture (the Bible) and Oral Scripture (Sacred/Apostolic Traditions passed on by the apostles). And Catholics are unique in their recognition of the pope as the earthly head of Christ's church.

    Here's a chart comparing Protestant denomination beliefs to Catholic teachings:http://www.saintaquinas.com/christian_comparison.h...

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    Marthin Luther started the Protestant Reformation to form a schism with the Catholic church. Presbyterians, like Baptists, Lutherans, Episcopalians etc are Protestant denominations.

    The only other major reformer to Christianity (unless you count Joseph Smith and the Mormons) was John Calvin who branched off from Luther's teachings and started Calvinism.

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    They all believe in Jesus but they have some difference in what scriptures mean so these religions were created. They are all part of the same family but it all boils down to a relationship with God. If a person in any of those denominations does not have a relationship with God they are prey to the enemy.

    Protestant is a branch of faith. It isn't a denomination. Presbyterian is protestant.

    God bless you!


    No that isn't necessarily true what Irish girl said. Protestants who have been baptized with the Holy Spirit believe in getting direct guidance from God himself through the holy spirit in us. So Sola Scriptura is not the only source. God himself is also a direct source.

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    What she said. ^

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