Can I apply to PT school AND med school?

Hi I'm a junior in high school looking to study something science related in order to fulfill my career goals of doing something sports-related.

Although I am not sure whether or not I would want to be pursue a career or sports medicine physician, physician assistant, physical therapist.

So I was wondering, after I complete my undergrad, would I be able to apply to med school to become a physician (or something like that)

AND PT schools to become a physical therapist and see which ones I get into? Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    There's really nothing barring you from applying to both med school and PT school. Just consider that there will be extra expenses involved: you'll need to take the GRE and the MCAT, you'll also need to take slightly different tracks of courses so that you will be a strong application for both PT and for med school. PT will cover a broader range of the sciences (general chem, bio, physics and psych), and med school will want you to have a narrower focus on the advanced bio and chem courses. You'll also have fees for each application you make.

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  • meraz
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    4 years ago

    If one among your selections is to develop into an ortho conventional practitioner then it's going to be more effective to bypass into med college, also in case you opt to develop right into a actual therapist then your med college education will earnings. you is completely unable to develop right into a conventional practitioner purely with actual remedy education. Are there actual remedy faculties? i concept it replaced into purely classes.

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