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Wisdom teeth please help?

I am an 18 year old girl. My Mom and Dad both didn't have wisdom teeth, or they never grew in, one of the two, idk. Anyways, Last night I could feel my bottom gum only on the left side start to swell up a bit, right where my wisdom teeth would be. I woke up this morning and i can't even touch my molars together because it's so swollen. I can'y eat or anything. It's only on the bottom left hand side, no signs of wisdom teeth anywhere else. Will it eventually go away after a few days? Is it possible to only have one wisdom tooth grow in? I have a twin brother and he doesn't have any. Do I have to get it removed, I really don't want to go through with all that.

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    First of all wisdom teeth never need to be removed unless they are growing abnormally or there is something wrong with them (eg an infection, it rotten, there is an abscess) like any other tooth. It is normal for a wisdom tooth to be painful when it is first growing. Not everyone ends up with all of/any their wisdom teeth. I only have at the moment. I have had 1 removed because it was overgrown (it was so long that even though it was a bottom tooth the top of the tooth was resting on my top gum; this is not normal by the way). My other 2 wisdom teeth haven't grown yet and i'm 26. Most people don't finish growing their wisdom teeth till around 30. Getting a wisdom tooth removed isn't as bad as people make it out to be. The only thing that makes it more painful is if you have an abscess for example something to make the gum sore.

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    You should really go to your dentist and have them take an x ray. Just because your wisdom teeth don't appear to be growing in vertically through your gums like they normal should, doesn't mean they aren't growing in at all. That's what I thought, but after getting an x ray, it turns out my teeth were actually impacted, even more reason to get them out. Both of your parents might actually not have grown any wisdom teeth, but obviously you at least have one. I've heard of people who have no problems with their wisdom teeth four years, then bam! They are 50 years old and their teeth finally grow in or are infected. They say it's a lot worse to get them out when your older too. Anyways, I'm not trying to scare you, but if your tooth is bothering you that much, make an appointment and consider extraction.

    Info on Impacted teeth:


    Source(s): Got mine out last friday
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    When wisdom teeth are coming in, the process is very slow and I could only feel pain by pressing directly on the gum. I didn't have any swelling. Overnight swelling isn't something that would occur with wisdom teeth.

    So that sounds like something completely different, and because it's affecting your eating you should get it checked out asap.

    (Side note, it's not uncommon for people to have 0-5 wisdom teeth.)

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