If a guy says keep in touch...?

Me and this guy decided to not be intimate any longer. I initiated it and he agreed, because of personal reasons and I want to wait until marriage. He has also been unhappy about a few things in his life, expresses anger towards the wrong individuals, very forgetful, which is why I believe he wanted to stop for a while. He poured out this feelings and secrets to me and thanks me for listening. Then he gets distant. When I told him recently that I loved him, he started to open up again and said "Ditto". But today when I said it after we talked about not seeing each other again, he just said "ok". I reallly like him and wanted to stay friends with him, but I think he got the wrong idea from me. I told him that I wanted something more with him and if he changed his mind, to call me. I told him that several men have been asking me to be committed. So, I asked if he wanted me to stop texting him. He says to "keep in touch" through facebook. So I said, "You want me to lose your number? Wow" and he said, "No, I will talk to you later this week." Does he really want me to keep in touch or was is he just going with the flow because he thinks I am no way interested in him anymore? Or was he ever interested in me like that? He is not a new love interest or partner. Ive known him on and off for a while!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Unless you are prepared to become his therapist I'd say you should not be worrying about this guy. It's not that he's evil he's just confused and needs help for whatever reason.

    The important thing here is you have become aware of something that is not right, trust your instincts, you know what's good for you. you decided to cool it for a reason, go find someone whose not complicated, you are not the reason for his problems. You deserve to live a life of optimism not problems, this is not selfish you sound like a very smart woman.

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