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Best friend or co worker? ?

Ever since high school, me and my best friend have been inseperable. Texting morning till night. We even went to prom together. Everyone says were meant to be, and we discussed our feelings and he said at age 19 he's not ready for a relationship, in a couple years if its meant to be it'll happen. Couldn't move on, all guys flirting I turned into just friends because I'd compare them to my best friend. Until I became really close to my co worker.. He understands me just as much as my best friend does, always makes me laugh! Even opens the car door for me, he has so much girls on his *** I don't understand why hed want to get so serious with me, he's so hot pheww. He always calls me beautiful, after our second date we kissed and it felt right. But I kind of feel guilty now, like I did something wrong? I feel like it would hurt my best friend if he found out. Help :( I'm never this emotionly stressed!

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    You should choose to be with your best friend. Rather or not you tell him the truth is your choice'', Guess you could keep this secret from him. or tell him the truth..

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