My PHP website not working well on GOOGLE chrome?

My PHP website not working well on GOOGLE chrome?

um programming a website with PHP Script and CSS for common style .....

The Header of the page is like facebook static and have some links ....

when um testing the code on phpmyadmin ....

it works well on mozilla firefox and internet explorer ... but Google chrome header is not working well ....

i've tried to validate the css on W3 its working well and same for the HTML ... so I really Need Help

56 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

its not published Yet.... im testing it on apache server localhost

i've tried something right now which is really strange ..... i removed all the php code from the text ... and i figured out something ..... i saved 2 files 1 .html and the other.php .... the .html is working very very well on google chrome with the css and gr8 ... but the .php is not workin and showing the error..... and thats unusual

hope u reply me

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    PHP in of itself does not care what browser calls it. PHP runs on the server side. If a browser is not displaying it correctly, it is most likly to broken HTML/CSS markup.

    The only time a browser could possibly have an effect on the PHP running is if you are checking for things like USER_AGENT and are doing something specific for certain browsers.

    However in general, PHP doesn't care what browser invokes it.

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