How to seduce my boyfriend? Foreplay?

What do i wear and what to do to prepare before we have sex. its my first time, n i want to be comfortable..

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    ......jesus, ok honestly?unless your bf is gay boob's, showing skin ,groping or saying the words i want you inside me(i'm only partly trolling you here)tend to work as a good starting point, seeing as its your first time i can make no promises to how this will end up or how comfortable it'll to what to wear? unless you know your bf's tastes its better to go will mildly sexy but easily removable clothes and just go nude. as for prep take a shower and seeing as men suck at foreplay and jump right into the deed make sure your turned on or have lube(just a little a whole tube makes it impossible) before you do it otherwise it could hurt like hell. but once Again if you and your bf have no experience then i can't promise any pleasure out of it

    Source(s): being a man,being awesome,not being a virgin.
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