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I feel like everyone hates me ; whats the point of life :/?

I'm a girl that just moved up to grade seven this year and i hate it . I have a good group of friends, but everyone else seems to hate me . I was really good friends with this grade 9 girl , but now she thinks i'm annoying and she hates me . I haven't changed . Theres also this other girl that i have been talking to when i feel upset , and she helps me and gives me good advice , but she says i'm annoying to ! There are also these 2 grade 7 girls who think they are all that , and apparently me and my friends try to be cool too ; which they say is annoying , and apprently my voice is annoying too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i haven't changed at all since last year , and it feels like everyone is attacking me ! I don't get the point of life anymore . I'm not gonna talk to any adult about this cuase that is stupid ! what can i do ? :'(

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    Be confident. Growing up is hard, but don't try to MAKE people like you. When you try make someone like you, they will think you're desperate. Hold your head up. Feel good about you. When you do, others will follow the lead :-). If your friends are mean, get new ones! Friends don't treat friends badly!

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    I felt the same way. I have been depressed my whole life. I never had ANY friends growing up. I was physically and emotionally bullied. I was called fat, stupid, etc. I had thoughts of suicide I would look at a knife and I would just want to either slice my neck or plunge it through my stomach. On the outside I was the girl who was always so strong and never cried. But I didn't really exist on the inside. And what made this even worse is when the guy I have strong feelings for broke my heart. We still talk like none of it ever happened. I'm getting over my depression slowly but it is still progress. Just know there is a reason you're alive. Maybe one day you could create a cure for cancer!! Or maybe even stop bulling world-wide!! We probably wouldn't have the light bulb if Thomas Edison committed suicide. Everyone has a reason to live (: Just wait, you'll find your reason.

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    I like you, you seem cool :) tell all those hoes to **** off.

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