Full time employment contract signing question?

I am a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Marquette University. I had an internship in Manufacturing Engineering at Caterpillar Inc. in the summer of 2011 and I am scheduled to graduate in December of 2012. I have been offered another internship with CAT for the summer of 2012, but I also have been offered Product development internships from John Deere, Case New Holland, and Nestle/Purina.

I was given 4 weeks in August to sign with CAT so I signed the contract that said I was coming back to work for them this coming summer.

A few weeks later I interviewed with the other companies and I received offers probably a month later. I signed with John Deere cuz I like them alot and they offered me more money than CAT. I signed with Case New Holland because they are located about 20 min from my school and I work there for 10-15 hours per week but they are expecting me to work there full-time over the summer. But I don't want to because the other 3 offers are better. however I do wanna go back and work at CNH in the fall until I graduate cuz that money is good for gas food and entertainment during the school year. I also signed with Nestle/Purina because their offer had 2 days on it and I got offered it before I got an offer from John Deere.

I want to work for Deere. But how do I go about getting out of the contracts that I signed? Should I call each company and explain what I just wrote here or say something else?

Thank you for all your help

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    9 years ago
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    i will called each of the ompanies that i signed up with to let them know that i formed a job with another company. and thank them and appologize for the inconivence.

    Source(s): my sourec was that i got an information that these company were hiring. and my credit was that i had called them to like them know that i formed a job with this company.
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