will i have to share custody?

im due in feb for my first son the father and i were in a relationship he was looking forward to being a father hes been to every doc appt bought the baby clothes and a bed etc i thought we was happy until recently i caught him cheating so i decided to cut him completely out of mine and the babys life i know as a unmarried father he has no rights that it is up to me weather he gets to see the baby or not but now he had me served with papers for an intent to establish paternity or something like that so what will happen if i dont take the baby in for the dna test if i allow the dna test just for child support reason will i have to share custody or allow him to see the baby will someone please tell me how i dea with this situation

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  • 9 years ago

    You are very wrong.

    As an unmarried mother you don't get to decide whether or not the father sees the child. He is the child's father and as such shares rights with you.

    He is going to establish paternity, and providing that he is the father, you will likely share custody, he will have visitation, and he will have to pay some support. If you refuse to allow visitation after it is ordered, you will be in contempt of court and may well lose custody all together.

    Grow up. Him cheating on you has absolutely nothing to do with his relationship with his child. It is your job, as a good mother, to insure that baby has a strong relationship with both parents.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You are confused about custody and visitation rights. Marriage is really not a major factor in decision. If he has requested a DNA test, you legally have to do it. Once he establishes paternity he can try for custody and/or visitation. Here is a law article on issues in child custody: http://www.divorcelawyersoceanside.com/articles/is... Custody is not super likely as the child has not been born yet and does not know the father. But visitation is very likely unless he has something very egregious in his past. Here is another article that talks about the factors that can lead to denial of visitation rights: http://www.divorcelawyersoceanside.com/articles/fa... But baring those, he will likely get visitation. As far as child support, you should go ahead and file when paternity is established. This article explains how to get a rough calculation of how much child support should be each month: http://www.northhoustonattorneys.com/articles/unde... As far as the question about child support and custody, they are actually completely independent of each other. Here is one last article that talks about the relationship between child support and child visitation and custody: http://www.westpalmbeachdivorcelawyer.com/articles... If he fails to pay, he can be prosecuted by the law but it will not affect visitation or custody rights. Your best bet is to be accommodating and follow the rules even though he has clearly wronged you-this will make a HUGE difference in court if he goes for custody. You want to come across as the rationale parent that was wronged, not the one that is trying to make things more difficult. It will have a great affect on the judge's decision. Best of luck.

  • 9 years ago

    I totally agree with the guy above me. Well said.

    Just agree to a DNA paternity testing. The results might be surprising.

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  • Yes as society does not need another fatherless child being raised by a single mother to contribute to 90% of crime.


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