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Why is sticky yellow fluid coming from my child's ear!?

In August (2011) my son had the surgery to have tubes put in both ears, his right ear was usually always the worst but they put them in both anyways.

Now its Dec (2011) he had some yellow crust outside his right ear so we took him to the Dr over a week ago and he said my son had an ear infection, put him on ear drops and told us to give it to him twice a day for only 7 days.

(my son is 20 months old) and now as soon as we stopped giving the ear antibiotics it seems to have gotten even worse now! (only) his right ear is leaking a sticky yellow substance and sometimes there is yellow crust as well. It is extremely bad now and it gets to the point where it is dripping down the side of his face, I wipe it away with tissue and a few hours later I have to clean him up all over again. When I clean his ear he seems to be in some amount of discomfort but other than that he seems fine, not too fussy, no higyh fevers...he is however currently suffering from a mild cold with occasional fever (which im not sure if the fever is from the cold or the ear?) and has a pretty bad cough along with runny and stuffy nose :(

my poor baby is always getting sick :(

Please Help and tell me what you think this could be!

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    yellow is infection, go to the er right now.

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