How could I just talk to someone randomly?

How can I bring my confidence up enough to go up to a girl that looks pretty and start a conversation? my confidence level is pretty good as it is, I'm just wondering about the question. Real answers only please. thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Since you have confidence,it will help you ALOT. Confidence is one of the MOST important things to have. But if you want to build up your confidence even more then i suggest you make yourself look good. At least comb your hair,brush your teeth (so that there's no smelly breath) ,wash your face,wear nice clothing,etc. <-- It will build up your confidence even more. Trust me. Well, i understand how you feel. It's really difficult to go up to a pretty girl and start a conversation. I know many people tend to forget what to say,say umm,uhh,mmm, alot,etc. But what i suggest is to first find a subject you know she likes. For example,a celebrity she likes. Then you can just go up to her say hi. (be yourself) and talk about anything like weather,school,celebrities,people,etc! There are so much things to talk about!

    I wish you good luck! Im sure you'll get to know her more!

    Source(s): personal experience
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    9 years ago

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