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How can I make myself more focused in class? HELPP MEE PLEASEE!?

Hello everyone! So I am in my sophomore year in high school, and my teachers all really like me and stuff, but my algebra and chemistry teachers both told me that I need to stay more focused in class and not be distracted by others. I am am excellent student, and have had meetings with my college counselor and she thinks that if I just focus I can be a valid contender in the Ivy League competition pool based on my work and testing and extra curricular and such when I apply in my senior year. How can I improve my focus in class and not talk and not be distracted by others so much? I still do my work on time and successfully but my teachers tell me that I am capable of getting A+s instead of just settling for As based on the work I completed last year shown to them by my former teachers.Can I ask my teachers to seat me in a place where I won't be distracted? Are there any techniques you recommend? can i still improve enough to be a significant and worthy competitor in that applicant pool? It isn't that bad, but i am worried that colleges will see it from this semester and not like me as much.

Thanks so much!

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    Staying focused is not a hard skill to learn to do. You are a very smart kid from what you have written. Just keep your mind on the goals you have set for yourself. While in class, block out all the distractions around you. Talk to your friends in the hall. Just listen to the teacher's lectures, take careful notes, and keep your eyes on the book or on your teacher. Reward yourself for staying this focused by talking to your friends in the hall or at lunch. I am sure your friends know what you are trying to do and will understand if you do not pay attention to them while in class.

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