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What would you have done?

My cat caught a mouse(well... i think it was a rat, it was HUGE!) at first i thought it was , but he put it down for one second and it moved a little! i could see its heart racing, really!(this was outside) so i opened the sliding door and grabbed my cat and put him inside and said NO firmly. i shut him inside and the mouse got away.( there's like a "forest" in my backyard(if that's what you would call it..) so it went in the forest.

I know if you cat brings you a mouse or something it's a gift, but i felt so sorry for the poor thing! Should i have punished my cat? I only said "No" but still... i now feel sorry for my kitty....


he won't get ran over because i live in a place where hardly any cars come by!

Update 2:

there's no coyotes where i live too so...

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    Truly i would have done the same thing, i think just saying a firm "NO" to your cat will get the message across, i don't let my cats out and i don't have mice around here anyways but i have before and if they brought a mouse into the house and they wouldn't let go i'd hold her by the pot in the neck that mother cats use to carry their kittens and they would let go, in the wild it is normal for cats to eat mice but not when the cat lives in a home, it's not a wild cat therefore it has no need for mice. I would suggest a toy mouse that makes noises it will keep her busy, i have several for my cat they love it.

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    I had four inept mousers in my house! I watched for about 2 hours. They would put a paw on it to stop it, it would squeak & they would run away! I finally gave the little guy a cracker and the cats watched while it ate! I then got the mouse and put him in the field next to my place.

    I have a cat now who is a great birder, don't worry I do the same thing. I tell him no and put him in the house. He's not upset, he still loves me. I came home from work and had gone upstairs to the bathroom. When I came out there was a sopping wet (dead) mouse in front of the door. Both my dog and cat were sitting there very happy with themselves! I said a simple thank you and threw it out. What I figure happened is the cat got it in the basement while I was at work and they dog brought it upstairs for me!

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    The equivalent would be:

    You pull a steak off the grill, throw it on a plate and go running to give it to your mom. She see's you and screams, NO !

    Cats eat mice. It's what they do. Its the natural order of things. She brought you the mouse to share. If you don't want her to hunt, keep her inside. Cats are also great at killing the dumbest birds. Red birds, & Finches.

    You didn't harm your cat. She just thinks your strange for not wanting her nice juicy mouse. But it wont stop her from going on the hunt the minute she gets back outside.

    However, she may have taken you off her gift list. So don't expect to get a fresh catch for Christmas!

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    It's completely natural for cats to hunt. I get that you don't want him to kill the mouse or bring it home but I really don't think he knows what you mean when you say "no". My farm cats when they had kittens they would bring home gophers for the babies to kill. It was nasty. Also if a momma cat was left outside (they stay in the garage) there would be usually 5 or 6 dead mice left at the doorstep yuck! It's just a natural thing for cats to do. Nothing you can really do about it besides watching him while he's outside and distracting him when he looks like he's hunting. Don't feel sorry for him he's probably forgotten about it by now lol.

    Source(s): Ive had a lot of kitties and they love to hunt.
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    Well this wouldn't happen to me because unlike you, I'm a caring, responsible pet owner who keeps her cats indoors. Your cat is probably slaughtering all sorts of mice, rats and birds. One cat can kill up to a thousand animals in just a year's time since they hunt for sport - not food. So if you care about the environment, you'd keep your cat indoors. Your cat's also going to end up run over by a car, eaten by a coyote, etc. if you continue to let it out.

    And FYI - that mouse or rat will probably die - either from shock or from bleeding to death from wounds from your cat. And you feel sorry for the CAT - not it?

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    This is why I only allow my cat out on a harness and leash. Too much endangered wildlife around where I am, and I don't want my pet contributing to the decline of local ecosystems.

    I would have punished him, yes.

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    WHAT?! You should have let your cat just torture the mouse because he might come back with some friends. Its a natural thing. Cats love to mess with mice/rats. But they don't eat them, actually. If your cat brings another rat, just let him kill it. o3o

    Source(s): I mean, its my opinion.
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