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I want to act and dress like an fbi agent?

I know this might sound dumb but I want to act like an fbi agent and dress like one. I always picture them wearing grey shirts and stuff like that. but how do they act? tips please no rude comments

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    If you identify yourself as one it is a federal crime. The classic FBI look was black suit and tie with a white shirt, black hat. sunglasses.This was when hoover was in charge. Now they can dress how they want, as long as its business casual. So really just dress like a business man. Anyways I guess they act like investigators, so ask a lot of questions.

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    YES first answer is completely right - don't ever say your REALLY that , that would be so screwed up

    You must watch this then:

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    and i <3 u, i think u are so kewl and funny to want to do that hahaha :)

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    I apologize.

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