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Ladies, would approaching her be appropriate?

I noticed a very attractive girl at a basketball game. I caught her looking at me from across the gym a few times. When I was hanging out in the hall way with someone in between quarters, she walked by me with someone and looked at me for a few seconds and went into the restroom. Later she walked by me a few times pretty closely (deliberately?) and didn't really look at me. However, she went over to a few what I assume friends of hers and every time I looked at her she would be looking at me and then looking away and making brief eye contact with me. It happened about 5 times. I had to leave early so I didnt really have a chance to say hi and make a possible move. Do you think it would be wise to approach her at the next game (she's on the cheerleading squad)? She seems like a nice girl. I am not that great at reading women :(

Thanks a lot! Much appreciated

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    At the next game I would go talk to her, maybe make a joke to break the ice. If she keeps looking at your she's probably interested. It never hurts to try.

    Source(s): I'm a chick, I know how they work.
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    Introduce yourself. Simply walk up to the girl you are interested in and say, "Hi! I noticed you sitting over here and I wanted to introduce myself. I am (your name). Can I ask you what your name is?" It may sound cheesy to you but the best way to approach someone is to just walk up and introduce yourself. Even if the girl is not very interested in you, she will see that you are a respectable guy and she will at the very least converse with you. Make sure you are yourself though once you start talking. Girls see right through lies and exaggerations so just be yourself and be honest. Good luck!

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    Yeah you should definitely approach her at the next game, I always try and make eye contact with guys but they never get the hint to come and talk to me so you should definitely go talk to her! Good luck!

  • Anonymous
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    You should talk to her! It'd be worth a try :)

    Good luck if you do :)

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    Just go up to when you see her in the hallway!:) GL :) i hope she likes you

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