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I'm an Armenian, but I have three piercings, would this be a problem in Armenia?

I'm an Armenian Male, 16 years old, in Australia, but I'll be moving back home shortly, however I have two lip piercings and a tounge piercing, would this create discrimination or problems for me in the social world?


A few Armenian friends of mine in America and Sweden have told me it will get me unwanted attention, and that it's frowned upon by other Armenians.

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    ye dude, I'd suggest you to take them off before you go there, it's gonna be huge problem for you over there, it's not common in Armenia and it's not respected by society... I guarantee you'll end up badly everytime when you go outside also everyone will laugh at you and point out you to others, some even will crack up to death so if you aren't fed up with your life take them off before you go, I believe they won't love to see an Armenian guy with piercings and to be honest you will be viewed as a disgrace by the Armenian population, to them you gonna be considered a gay or something abnormal, there you won't find anyone with piercings it's unacceptable, you'll deserve to rude attitude.

    I'm Armenian(Hayastanci) too and extremely "into" my Armenian side along with my typical Armenian mentality and Armenian features and have been to Armenia/Yerevan 9 months ago for 2 months, so seriously take them off before you go.

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    there's a television sequence named as KARAYILAN (Black snake)... it really is shown that An Armenian assisting Turkish patriotic and also struggling with collectively with Turks hostile to France invader... we would favor to have that sort Armenian origined Turkish voters in Turkey... we like them, we settle for them as they are...

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