How to get over someone you can't have?

I had liked him for a year when his friends suddenly found out, teased me endlessly, and propelled me to confess. so I dropped all my pride and summed up all my courage to tell this guy that i like him. we are both shy and quiet, but him apparently even more so because he didnt know what to do and said nothing for 2 weeks. when i approached him, we talked for a small while, but it was cut off. he said he's been stressed with football, he feels really bad he hasn't said anything, told me i was really brave, and tht he really really hopes we can still be friends (said tht like 3 times). I wish the conversation wasn't cut short, it was like i had no closure. we've hardly talked since. it's been almost a month. i still sort of like him. what do i do? (btw his friends STILL tease me... why?)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Lalala, he isnt interested, and its clear, you need to move along and accept that there wnt be anything further than friendship, you dnt need closure, he told you that he isnt focused on anything but his football, and that alone is stressing him out. The friends are teasing you because they know its not going to happen, and know they can get a reaction out of you. Ignore then, and dnt look forward to contacting him again, let him come to you when he feels ready.

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