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masturbating tips; help ; help 1O points?

masturbation tips.

don't want to stick anything up me..

justt what should i use for pleasure

i just want to feel nice and maybe ***. pls dont report this. i just want to experience it. :] and how to get to my cl-t maybe start off there

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    Same for me, well if u were to start at ur bellybutton and go down from there the first part of ur V it would reach is ur clithood and clit inside, idk not good at explaining but yeah, u don't wanna touch it directly just kinda rub the clithood, slow at first, to last longer don't orgasm right away, when I feel it coming I stop and wait a bit and then start again that way its more intense, also u should b aroused when u start, maybe some read some steamy stories or look at pics whatever arouses you, i'm new to this stuff too and just started so yeah

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