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hey i have a problem breaking it to my family I'm a little odd?

i am a 17 year old boy who is contemplating gender change but the problem is I'm strait and completely into simon and not men at all yet i would like to be a girl / lesbian i understand it will be real hard finding a partner in the future but that to far to think about for me right now. i mostly focus on how to tell my family this situation without causing chaos and drama. also i can not for the life of me figure out what this form of sexuality is called so if you know plz tell me because it might help when explaining

and any tips would help too.

thanx i appreciate your help


when i said simon its a typo its suppose to say woman

Update 2:

well you see that not to much of the case in my family well mostly my dad i have never yet met up to his expectations i i don't think even Jesus himself would

so i am expecting a verry harsh reaction with him and even a possibility of being kicks out without anywhere to go and i kid you not he would do that if I'm not carefull

Update 3:

i see your point and i to had thought about telling my mom first but as for support from her to tell my dad well they never marred i was a one night stand accident and they dot paticualry care for each other nor halt to eachoer that much for that matter i really have no one eles i can currently think of who can help with my dad but me I'm not trying to rule out every suggestion but i am just trying to explain the situation and there are a lot of things holding this back and i would like to get it out now before i turn 18 but for the presidure i know its expensive but I'm very wealthy but all that death comes from my dad and i don't think ill ever get him to help me through this or even completely exept it the doesn't even give me two seconds free of complaints criticism and calling me derogatory names after seeing me in my usual emo outfits so i think ill go pre op till i can afford on my own witch don't expect to be too long due to my current occupation i have th

Update 4:

wow I'm sorry for the typos my auto spell correct is pretty bad and i have no idea how to turn it off but I'm sure you could figure out what i was trying to say

such as the (death) it was suppose to say wealth

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    Nick Honey, your still confused yourself to what you actually want and feel, that is not to say I am disregarding your feelings, for I know you are going through one hell of a time, but for sure, its not your parents you need to be talking to right now, its some organization that can help you come to terms what you really are. You need that first, because then and only then, will you be able to explain anything to your parents. Coming out or whatever it is they call it, is a painful and confusing time for the person, and whilst I speak as a straight woman, I have lived long enough to have seen documentaries about these sorts of things on TV, have read about it, have heard both gays and lesbians talk, seen those who actually do change sex, and its a long long road these people have to follow till they know what it is they really feel they are. So you see its far to early to speak to your parents as yet.

    Look at it logically, your parents are not going to be the ones that know how you feel, whereas if you go to say a Gay Information Centre, they will know exactly how you feel, and will be able to advise but more so give you support, they will not get angry, they will not reject you, they will not be disappointed in you, not like what your parents may be. So its only common sense that first you yourself fully understand your feelings, and then it will be a case of re-educating your parents.

    Thankfully these days, such things are not frowned upon as they once were, people are more understanding, and there are plenty of organizations out there to help you find your true path in life, so take the opportunity of doing that first. I am proof that people except what once was deemed immoral, I am both a mother and grandmother myself now, and if I can understand or at least try to, and feel compassion for those who are mentally suffering about gender or things such as that, then there is a hell of lot of other people younger than me will and do understand too, and will be supportive to you. There is nothing to be ashamed off, you have the right to be who you want to be, who you feel you should have been if that applies.

    Good Luck, start that journey now, but get all the information you can get first, it will enable you to teach others and it will give you strength within to tell your parents and to explain it to them too.

    Billie UK

  • try telling one person at a time. start with someone who you know will except you and stand by you and work your way up to your dad. If you can get someone else to support you when you tell him it could be very helpful. Also this is a big decision and i'm not trying to change our mind, but if you haven't yet told anyone else, then you need to learn more. there are people who want to have a sex change all over the world. but it is a complicated process not to mention and expensive one. I think you need to talk more with people who will be there to support you and help you gather all the facts. Then after the step where you have all the information you need talk to the people who will not understand or not be supportive as you think your dad will be.

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    9 years ago

    Okay, breaking it to your family will be hard, they may be upset and it may cause drama but they love you so only time could heal the anger or whatever they feel. You are technically a straight guy but you may feel more comfortable in females clothes. Which may means you feel like you were born in the "wrong sex" body. When speaking to your family about this make sure you are sensitive to their feelings but not to the point when they try to say you are wrong. Everyone has a different view on things just becareful how you say it. Good Luck.

    Source(s): Came out about being bisexual to family.
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    9 years ago

    Just tell them, its your family and no matter what they should accept you the way you are.

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