A family member asked me to burn a CD for them...?

I don't know much about downloading songs from the web, but I need to download and burn the song "Log Train" by Hank Williams Sr. I bought the blank Cd's now I don't know how to find the song online and I don't have a credit card to buy music, so does anyone know where I can download this song for free? Any suggestions or answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with CD/DVD burner pre-installed. I am new to this and really dont know how to burn a CD, Ive never burned one before, and dont have an MP3 just this new laptop.

Update 2:

Is Frostwire safe to download and use?

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    9 years ago
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    as you've got the answer where to get a song I will recommend you to use special software for burning CD/DVD. Media players often show lots of mistakes so you should really consider using it.

    you can try Nero (but it's not free), I use free program from this website http://how-to-burn-a-cd.com/ it's really user friendly so it doesn't take a huge experience to use it

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    If you dont have a credit card go to any store and buy an iTunes gift card.

    You can convert to mp3. Below comment is untrue i've converted itunes to mp3 and put onto a non apple device


    there are other converts our there also

    mp3's are the file format of the song

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    9 years ago

    You could try a site like bee mp3, mp3 skull or mp3 raid to get it free, but since you sound like a novie, one of the best places to get it would be Amazon, as they sell mp3s. But whatever you do, do NOT download on iTunes, as iTunes files are ONLY compatible with iTunes, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Good luck!

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