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Conservatives could you please watch this video and tell me again that Bachmann never said it and she was not?

Really serious?

Bachmann does believe she has a chance of being elected, and she is really proud of her caravan of Pastors driving around in support of her.

Again, would one of you guys take her home and get her to bed.

Make sure you roll her over on her side and put a bucket next to the bed, so she will not choke on her own vomit.

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    I watched it. She doesn't seem any stupider than usual. She does appear to have a new beauty consultant. Different look every week. Soon she'll be prettier than Rick Perry.

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    She said the problem was "overspending". I guess she thinks the solution to the social security situation is to stop "spending" money on benefits and then everything will be all hunky dory.

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    9 years ago

    Bachmann never said it and she was not

    Really serious

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